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Yuto Ono is a contemporary artist who uses the technique of showing the process of painting with video.
1989, Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. 2012, He graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Art, Kyushu Sangyo University. 
Many of his works use Posca(paint marker) to draw and color objects such as animals, flowers, and people.  And the production process is also shown in the video and made into a work. 

He received many requests to draw pictures of animals, which deepened his interest in rescued dogs, and he also does volunteer activities such as go to an animals shelter and making videos of rescued dogs.

His solo exhibition, “Yuto Ono Exhibition” is designed not only to allow visitors to appreciate paintings, but also to make them feel closer to art, for instance showing videos of the production process.

NHK Minnanouta

NHK World JAPAN Documentary



Drawing prosess movie「Rose and Lily」
 Drawing prosess movie 「Samurai Artist goes to Hawaii」
Murals 「EIGHT OBU」
「Phoenix~both hands drawing」

Solo Exhibition


NHK Minnanouta

NHK World JAPAN Documentary


Fukusho High School Opening Memorial Lecture


BS Asahi Cat Dog Wide Show

An artist who gives the pet owner eternal memories

Special program TV opening movie
for the Imperial Family

Web news
「”Miracle painting” healed mother’s heart」


Web interview


Kyushu Sangyo University Lecture


Tokyo National Museum
150th anniversary performance
as a model



Art Competition【Grand Prize】
Artist:Yuto Ono
Work Name:Rose on the Cliff

「Rose on the Cliff」
Art Competition【Grand Prize】

Life Work

“While  receiving a lot of requests for work to draw pictures of dogs and cats, I often heard that our dog is a rescue dog. That is what made me want to know more about rescue dogs and cats. 

Since 2016, I have been taking classes at the Animal Welfare Management Center  in my hometown, Fukuoka City, and have been participating in the “Walking with dog volunteer” program.

The dogs there are all cute and friendly, having received loving training from the staff. I’m making videos to introduce dogs because I want to convey what I actually saw and felt. It makes me happy when I hear people say that they were welcomed into a new family because of the video. What I can do is small, but I hope that people will know about rescue dogs and that I will be able to do something.

My determination for the rescue dogs
We made dog run  for rescue dogs!

Volunteer at the rescue dog shelter

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